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    MAVALÉRIO has a specific product line for handmade production that meets the expectations of consumers who turn products into delicious recipes for reselling and converting into an extra income for the family.

    The MAVALÉRIO products are present at wholesalers, distributors and stores for party supplies throughout Brazil.

    Aiming to meet the needs of consumers through the constant search for new recipe suggestions, MAVALÉRIO has a Technical and Culinary Center with trained instructors in the main capitals and is always investing to serve this industry even better.

    See the recipes produced by the Technical and Culinary Center. (in portuguese)

    MAVALÉRIO professionals teach courses daily to hundreds of consumers who seek information and techniques to improve their activities.


    We serve the Food Service market, through the Wholesale, Distributor, Cash & Carry and Retailer channels, for the most diverse industries, such as baking, confectionery, ice cream parlors, candy stores and food in general.

    There are numerous categories of products contemplated, all in practical and modern packaging, in addition to the best raw materials used in the development of the lines. Learn about all the products brands and categories here.


    We develop specific products for industries, which are applied on cookies, ice cream, cakes, breads, candies and sweets in general.

    With special packaging in format and size, which facilitate logistics, operation and storage. We carry out special projects according to the needs of the customer, with all the necessary agility and secrecy.

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